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Colour is a hugely important way of personalising wedding stationery to reflect the personality and look of your wedding or event.  It can make a design look warm and inviting or light and summery, opulent and lavish or vintage.  Fun and vibrant or smart and formal, it’s the easiest way to make a design your own and deeply personal.

There is complete control over the colours used in all the printed areas of the stationery.  This means a design could accommodate just one colour or a diverse colour scheme with multiple colours. 


Most of our stationery ranges and items are mainly printed elements. This gives complete control over the colours used.  To help choose colours there are extensive colour charts.  If you request samples please mention which colours you’re interested in so the appropriate colour charts can be sent to you. 

Colours need to be seen in person rather than on a screen as the difference between some screens and the actual print version can be large.  You might notice that on some LCD screens the colours change dramatically depending on the angle of viewing.  This makes it sensible if you’re not in a complete rush to view the colours in person.

While your stationery is being designed we will send you each draft for your feedback via email.  When we think the design is as you like it an actual proof will be made and posted to you allowing you to see how your stationery will look and gives a final chance to make sure the colours are as you require.

Above is a summary colour chart showing 256 colours but we can print a much larger range than that. You can see our master colour chart showing over 4096 colours by clicking here. Below is an example of one of our colour charts

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The invites arrived a couple of days after your email – thank you! They’re so beautiful and I’m so excited, I can’t wait to send them out. Thank you once again for your swift attention and for producing such a lovely quality of invitation. And thanks for your good wishes for our special day. It will be amazing!

Stella and Nick

Stella and Nick wedding stationery

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