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All of our bespoke wedding stationery collections allow our clients to change their style to suit their occasion. This makes all of the stationery fantastically personal and unique to each of our clients. One of the easiest ways to make a big difference is by choosing the fonts that are used on the invitation. The fonts on the cover of the invite can be a different style from that used for the main text.

This choice means that an invitation could be given an art deco, elegant or modern look amongst others. With each stationery item there is normally two or three font choices that need to be made. These start with the font for the Bride and Groom's name on the cover, this is often used inside the invitation for their names to. The Bride and Groom's names are normally in the most attractive and stand out font on the invitation. Then in the case of an invitation there is often a different font used for where it says wedding invitation. This is normally a different font from those in the Bride and Groom's name so as not to compete for attention when the recipient first looks at it. Finally there is the font used for the bulk of the text inside the invitation. Normally this a font that is easy to read.

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Artemis Stationery has a large choice of fonts to choose from. You can choose these from the fonts section of the website. They’re grouped by categories from script to the unusual. These font lists can be chosen from the menu under – make it personal and then the font section or using the choices below. Some fonts crop up in more than one category.

The fonts section of the Artemis Stationery blog is also a good place to spot fonts. This can be viewed here. Any font from around the web can be used, some are free but many would have to be paid for and this can add additional costs to a stationery order.

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The Love

Have double checked stationary and all is perfect. Thank you.

I would really like to thank you for all your help & advice on the stationary that I have ordered from you. Considering we have never actually met, this has all been done via e-mails, your attention to detail is second to none, unfortunately I only have the one daughter so will not be able to repeat this again, but I would never have any worries in recommending your services to any one. So please feel free if anyone ever asked for a recommendation to mention my name. Many thanks for all your help. Can’t wait for Saturday to see it all in situ, will try & remember to take a photo to send you!

Kind regards
Marissa & Family

Charlotte and Barry

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