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Couture Wedding Invitations and Stationery

Couture Designs

As well as our bespoke stationery collections Artemis Stationery also creates couture stationery. Our couture stationery are designs which have been developed from our clients ideas and instructions and produced to our clients precise requirements. This is essentially like creating a new collection from scratch, normally invitations and day stationery. Though often Save the Dates and Thank You cards as well.

An Order of Service with a drawing of Ely Catherdal on the cover

Shown above is an example of an Order of Service using a sketch of Ely Cathedral as it's cover. Below is a Mad Men inspired silhouette design created for Elizabeth and Daniel.

Mad Men inspired silhouette design


This could easily be covered by the couture designs but it's worth pointing out that I can do illustrations which could be of you or anything connected with your wedding. Below is an example of an illustration done for a blog article. You may also want to look at Coast one of my illustrated designs for other ideas.

The good side of sweet heart tables The down sides of sweet heart tables

Unique Stationery

If you like one or more of the collections you see on the website but are after a type of stationery that is not listed or seen here that doesn’t mean it cannot be made. The price list is more of a guide to what can be made and the approximate cost rather than a definitive list. Contact Artemis Stationery with a full description of what you are looking for and I will get back to you with costs or request more specific details. It’s always good to have a challenge and make new types of stationery. Most of our stationery is produced in house but we do use other producers when something is outside of our skill set.

A custom made sign for table names


There are separate design and production costs for couture orders. The design costs are based on the complexity of the proposed design and cover the designing of your invitation or stationery. Production costs cover the production of the invitations or stationery. A delivery charge will be applied.

Costs normally range from £75 to £600 depending on complexity of the design. Although very simple concepts may have little or no design charge. Eg using an image supplied by the client or simple all text layouts. Where copyrighted images have to be bought their will be a cost for purchasing them. While £600 would be for a very intensive original design like Coast


For couture orders a non-refundable deposit of £30 is required to begin design work. A design proposal will be created with sketches as well as costings for the design and production, these will be dependent on the quantity and complexity of the designs. At this point you may choose to discontinue if the proposal is not to your liking. If you wish to proceed the design costs will need to be paid in full.

When the design has been completed to your satisfaction a proof will be made for you. If you are happy with this, payment is required before production of your stationery will commence. The time to produce the stationery will vary dependent on quantity and other workload. Completed orders are then dispatched by an agreed delivery method.

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Everyone who has got there's which is nearly all the guests phoned to say how fabulous the invites where and that they've never seen anything like it before. Yes we got the evening ones and they are just as fantastic just got to all of them out, I can't wait to see the day stuff I'm so glad that I found you.
One extremely happy bride to be

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Rebecca and Anthony wedding stationery

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