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Make it Personal, Make it You

Nearly all the artwork used is created by me so when it comes to designing and making the perfect invitations for you they can be totally tailored to you.



Whether you’re using one colour as your theme or just want colours to match a style colour is an important way to make your invitations and stationery match your sense of style and your occasion.

If a colour can be printed then you can choose it.  When it comes to coloured card stock I can source a wide variety to tie in with your bespoke stationery.  Other additions like Swarovski crystals can also be used.

See some of the card choices here or crystals and pearls here.



Styling can be subtle or all important.  Whether you have a preference for shabby chic, rustic or art deco or just like something more straight forward such as classic or modern this often comes down colours, fonts and extra touches like adding distressed effects to the print.

When it comes to fonts there’s a wide range available to be used and you can see many of the one’s I already have here.  But if it’s available to use freely on commercial basis it can be used.  Fonts can also be purchased at an additional cost.

Click on a style below or go to font squirrel to see commercially free fonts.

art deco fonts


vintage fonts


script fonts


hand drawn fonts


calligraphy fonts


plain fonts


unusual fonts



Personal touches

Like a design but want to add something in to make it reflect you?  Like a VW camper van or classic car?  That’s easy.  Contact me to discuss – go to the contact page here.

camper van added to a design

Layout & Wording

How you use the stationery you order is entirely up to you.  I often layout invite samples with a design an invitation page followed by rsvp and information but what you choose is entirely up to you.  There are no set rules for the front or the inside of any of the stationery I make. You can have gift list info, accommodation options or you could direct people to a website.

Personalised insignia Personalised insignia

Items for Individual Guests

Printing guest names is standard on invitations, place cards and table plans.  But I can do more.  Such as combining place cards with individual menus for your guests or printing menu options on the back of place cards.  This may cost more than the standard version of the item.

Menus for individual guests

Thanks to Venetia Norrington for the use of this image

Sizing and More

If you like an item but need it a different size, that’s possible.  Want to add pages, I can do that.  Need an item not listed?  If it can be made from card, paper or printed canvas do get in touch – go to the contact page here.

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The Love

Have double checked stationary and all is perfect. Thank you.

I would really like to thank you for all your help & advice on the stationary that I have ordered from you. Considering we have never actually met, this has all been done via e-mails, your attention to detail is second to none, unfortunately I only have the one daughter so will not be able to repeat this again, but I would never have any worries in recommending your services to any one. So please feel free if anyone ever asked for a recommendation to mention my name. Many thanks for all your help. Can’t wait for Saturday to see it all in situ, will try & remember to take a photo to send you!

Kind regards
Marissa & Family

Charlotte and Barry

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