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About me and my stationery

The Who?


Artemis Stationery is for the most part me, Nathan Gardiner. I’ve always had a passion for art, design and photography. I started Artemis Stationery to be able to indulge my passion for design. After all what is better than doing it for a hobby than being paid to do it during office hours! And outside office hours, it is a lot of work running your own business and you could say now that doing accounts has become my hobby!? I love working with great people and being inspired by them to come up with new ideas and make amazing stationery for them, there’s always a fresh challenge around the corner which is great and I think I get as much of a kick out of seeing the completed stationery as my customers do.

Working with you, to create stationery you love is my soul focus and why I created Artemis Stationery. There are the collections which if you choose one that we’ll discuss and work out how to tailor it to look exactly how you want it. It’s bespoke stationery without the massive design fees. There is so much that can change that the chances of any two orders ever looking the same is really unlikely. I’m really proud that my clients have often told me that they never expected designing their stationery to be fun, but it really can be. I also have a couture service where we do start from scratch. You can read more about these here

I have a blog which if you want to see me what makes me tick design wise please do feel free to explore. In a nutshell though, I’m really quite eclectic. I do have a big soft spot for Art Deco which I have traced back to exposure to Hollywood’s golden era of the 1920’s. I like to work on a variety of styles though, I’m not someone who likes to be typecast.

Are other people involved yes. I can’t claim it’s a solo effort and I do have highly skilled help at busy times. Though it is me who answers the phone, does the emails and design work and most of the year makes most of the stationery.

The Business:

Artemis Stationery is located in Yeovil, Somerset and I am lucky to sell stationery to all over the United Kingdom and Worldwide. Based in Somerset I also regularly attend fairs across Devon and also go to events in Wiltshire and Dorset. These are great ways to be able to see a lot of my wedding invitations and stationery in person.

Being able to meet clients does have advantages initially as no samples need to be sent through the post and it can be easier to find out about our clients tastes. This can be done by skype, phone or email and once we start designing - drafts are sent by email so it doesn’t make any difference where in the world Artemis Stationery is compared to you. The majority of stationery in house. I print the stationery to fine art reproduction standards utilising a fine textured card that is made for this purpose. After the stationery is printed it is then hand cut before being assembled. Great care and attention is made over each item. Where items are better suited to being produced externally I work with leading printers to deliver top quality items for my clients.

AS Invites.com

AS Invites is the Artemis Stationery blog.

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The Love

Just wanted to say a huge thank you to Nathan who prepared all our invitations for our forthcoming wedding. Not only did he prepare endless samples for us to decide between, but his dedication to making everything perfect and unique to us made made his service invaluable. Everybody has commented on how lovely there are and I am so pleased with them that I cant wait to see the table plan and the rest of the order. Artemis stationery offers an extremely competitive price and I will be recommending them to all my friends! Thanks again Nathan!

Jodie and Gary

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