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Because shapes can look great

Cover of pink and grey bifold invitation, photo by RJ Kern.


Geometry is a little unlike most of the collections in that it is a collection of ideas that in some way relate to geometry inspired designs rather than being one design. The reason for doing this is to show more of what’s possible rather than choosing one or two as the best. If you follow the blog you may have noticed other designs which are likely to make their way to this page.

Geometry based designs can look very striking and in one case very like modern art. I also think some of the ideas look very Art Deco and work well with those fonts.

If you have time on your side there is plenty of scope to contact me and ask what other variations may be possible. Please go to the contact page via notes on the menu.

Price band: D

Inside of bifold invitation
Rear of Bifold Invitation. By RJ Kern.
Close up of inside of bifold invitation. By RJ Kern.
RSVP detached from bifold invitation. By RJ Kern.
Bifold invitation with RSVP detached. By RJ Kern.
Geometry and modern art inspired design cheque invitation featuring triangles various shades.
Small rsvp in circular design
Cover of trifold invitation with triangular symetrical design.
Invitation text panel of trifold invitation
Detachable rsvp on trifold card
Cover of Bifold invitation in pink and grey with circular Art Deco inspired design
Invitation text of Bifold invitation with circular Art Deco inspired design
Detachable RSVP covering menu choices on Bifold Invitation

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I think you’re doing a really great job and I really appreciate the time you make to keep in contact & explain stuff. Very good service!

Rachel and Neil

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